Girvan Festival: 1st, 2nd, 3rd May 2020

GUESTS for 2019 INCLUDED: Bob Fox – Cathal McConnell – Jock Tamson’s Ideal Band – James Patterson & John Dipper – Fiona Ross with Brian Miller – Rosie Stewart – The McKeaney Sisters – Fiona Heywood, Jim Byrne and Peter Campbell – Kathryn Nicoll & Karen Marshalsay – Dave Goulder – Dick Gaughan – Colum Sands – Bob Blair – Sandra Kerr – Scott Gardiner – Mike Vass – Gary West – Ollie Rigg – Hamish Denholm – Ali & Maggie Macrae – Heather Yule –  The Barrstools – Artie Trezise – Susie Kelly Artie’s Tartan Tales – Graham Carter – Bill Adair. Special events: Jock’s Jocks – The Bobby Robb Tribute Concert … and more

Our guests for 2020 have still to be announced, please use this 2019 list meantime as an indication of what to expect as you plan ahead with your festival attendance.

Girvan Folk Festival 2020 : 1st – 3rd May

The dates for Girvan Folk Festival in 2020 have been set and work is underway on planning and building on what was a very successful festival, our 45th, which took place in May.  Most of the information on this website still refers to our 2019 festival.  This guest list was very typical of ‘Girvan’ and 2020 promises to be similar with lots of great musical experiences from people firmly rooted in the tradition.  Many people see Girvan as a ‘meeting place’; a chance to see old friends and to rub shoulders with traditional musicians from all ‘airts and pairts’ and within our guests, and visitors, there will be lots of opportunities for people to share in performance for some unique experiences.

Many people attend Girvan year on year, confident that it will be a great weekend. We hope that you might start making your own arrangements to attend early. Meantime please register on our website for email news updates. This will help us to keep you in touch with any developments.

Some of Girvan’s strengths.

  • It is a family festival.
  • Its constitution and defined focus.
  • Although it has a core committee, it was ‘owned’ by a larger group of people.
  • It seeks out new performers.
  • It books ‘special people’ – not necessarily stars, but people with an X factor.
  • Its links with Ireland and England.
  • It isn’t a ‘manufactured’ festival, it grew from established folk clubs and is organised by folk enthusiasts.
  • It remains small and acoustic,
  • It is on a Bank Holiday and runs for a full weekend.

Timings are the same as our 2018 Festival.  Click on the picture below and it will open up for reading.
Timetable for Festival Bus Service