2018 Festival Dates. Friday 4th to Sunday 6th May, 2018

The dates for the 2018 are Friday 4th to Sunday 6th May. 


Here’s another practical way small donation way to help support this year’s festival. Please share the crowd funding link with your contacts:

Help raise £1500 to continue the tradition and build for the future of the Girvan Traditional Folk Festival

We’re grateful to everyone who helped the Festival to raise over £600 through crowdfunding last year. That gave us a boost and a belief that “people out there” care about what the Girvan Traditional Folk Festival stands for.
Since the 2017 event, we have refreshed the organising committee and brought in new energy – determined to consolidate the Festival and build for its future. We’ve developed an outreach programme with concerts arranged in villages around Girvan and new marketing initiatives including a new Facebook page (@girvanfestival) and an updated website (www.girvantraditionalfolkfestival.org.uk) – where you can find out more about our history and plans.
Our crowdfunding target this year is a bit more ambitious and we hope you will help us to reach it. Please help us to make the 2018 Festival (4th to 6th May) a huge success

Looking forward to 2024 – The 50th Girvan Folk Festival

2024 will be the 50th Anniversary of Girvan Festival and we hope to reach that milestone on the crest of a wave. 

Although the committee has started working towards our festival in 2018, we have one eye on the longer-term future.  2024 will be the 50th Anniversary of Girvan Festival and we hope to reach that milestone on the crest of a wave.  Our assumption is that none (or few) of the present organisers will be in place beyond the 50th Festival – although there might be a continuing role as mentors – so we now have just a few short years to address issues of how best to pass the torch on to younger generations.

Few will disagree that the folk scene is maturing gracefully and the ‘ageing issue’ is one that most folk festivals are facing. We have to believe, and do believe, that solutions are there to be found. The Girvan committee is of the opinion that the Festival has the ability to continue to appeal to its core audience; the ability to reinvent itself to a newer audience; and the capability of re-engaging with some of its former audiences, including those from further afield.

A lot of work has been done in the background. We have plans or the coming months which we hope you will be enthused by, and a more strategic plan, which could be summarised as:

  • A two-year period of careful, considered consolidation – focussing on our core current audience and on re-establishing links with audience sectors which for whatever reasons have lost the habit of attending.

Followed by:

  • A five-year period, leading up to the 50th Festival during which major issues of succession will need to be addressed. 

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P.S.  The festival dates for 2018 are May 4, 5 and 6, 2018.  We hope that you have them in your diary.


Looking forward to 2018 Festival

Well, we are starting to gear up the arrangements for 2018. I don’t think any of the organising committee of 1975, imagined that the Festival would still be going strong in 2018.

There is a new look Committee with some new “old faces” and a new “new face”. Pete Heywood who has been associated with Festival since the outset comes back to the Committee and with Maggie Macrae will make a formidable team on the creative and artistic side. We are expecting an exciting programme of “not to be missed” old and new artists.

If you were at the early Festivals you may remember the other “old face”, Stewart Sheddon. Stewart returns after a long absence to assist with general admin. The new face is Lorna McColm, a fine local traditional singer in her own right, Lorna brings some particular expertise in the fields of accommodation and travel, so watch out for special packages for the weekend being offered.